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Androgenic alopecia, usually referred to as “male pattern baldness” (MPB), is the most common cause of hair loss. Hair follicles of people affected by this type of baldness are sensitive to a naturally occurring hormone called dihydrotestosterone (DHT). Exposure to this hormone will eventually cause the hair follicles to weaken. As the follicles shrink, the hair becomes finer, grows more slowly, and may ultimately disappear. Hair loss from MPB will continue throughout a person’s lifetime; however, the rate of hair loss will depend on the inherited tendencies of each individual.

Treatment options for “male pattern baldness” include hair transplant surgery, medication and camouflage.


Perfection Cosmetics in Edmonton offers three different procedure for those experiencing hair loss or those who are in need of scalp rejuvenation!



My experience was nothing less than perfect. The entire staff is wonderful and very friendly. The atmosphere is calm and relaxing. They're very keen on being 'connected' to the client and making you feel comfortable while providing a professional demeanor. They did a fantastic job on explaining the process of the procedure. I LOVED the e-mail/texts reminding me of my appointment and thank you notifications. I would and am going to refer my friends and family.

- Laura McCarthy




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